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National Standards & Quality

Why Standarization?

In Somaliland, the Quality Control Commition has the mandate to set and control Natioanl standards according to the Article 6 of the Standarization and Quality Control Act law (No. 68/2014). it is the premier organization responsible for the standardization, Measurement and conformity assessment services.

Current Somaliland Standards.

Soon after the official stablishement of the Committee in 2014, the process of instiutionalisation of this portfolio which structured as a separate Agency due to its cross-cutting nature of business has concluded with the recently launched 5 year Strategic plan.

International Relations & Standarization.

International Organization for Standarization (ISO)

International Organization for Legal Metorology (IOLM)

African Regional Organization for Standarization (ARSO)

International Electro-Technical Commision (IEC)